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Somatic Summit​​​
Virtual Speaker Series 
Recordings and  Webinar Videos
  1. Jamie McHugh
    Jamie McHugh
    Nature Being Art
  2. Margit Galanter
    Margit Galanter
    Cave Forms
  3. Sharon Weil
    Sharon Weil
  4. Barbara Karlsen
    Barbara Karlsen
    Embodiment is Nature
  5. T'mimah Ickovits
    T'mimah Ickovits
    Continuum Heaven & Earth
  6. Patty Adamik
    Patty Adamik
    Continuum Three Anatomies
  7. Elisa Cotroneo
    Elisa Cotroneo
    Sun - Moon Dance
  8. Teri Carter
    Teri Carter
    Species Inclusivity
  9. Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz
    Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz
    Who Am I?
  10. Dr. Martha Eddy
    Dr. Martha Eddy
    Global Water Dances
  11. Caryn Heilman
    Caryn Heilman
  12. Vannia Ibarguen
    Vannia Ibarguen
    Global Water Dances
  13. BioDiversity Summit
    BioDiversity Summit
    Body ~ as a living process, part of a planetary process

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